Lv x Kanye West

For those who read the blog, I want to thank you. It means a lot to me when people tell me they like my posts I put up. So here is a little insight of the blog for you the readers. As I log in the blog there is a stats menu. Now in that stats menu there are searches that people look for in the search box  and the most visited posts for that day and almost95% of the time its “Kayne west or LV kanye shoe”. As much as I’d like to deter from it I felt the need to cater to this topic. So here is a video from Highsnobiety showing a nice feature and photo shoot for this shoe. I know everyone went ape shit and starved themselves for days to get thee Yeezy’s but I want to know, who am I gonna see camping outside Saks Fifth Ave or the Louis Vuitton store five days before the release date?

-The Homeboy Andres

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