Rock Band Beatles…Fuck yea

I was never one to play video games  other than Tekken  and Need for speed then after my beloved PS2 broke and when I got bored of Mario Kart on the Wii.Finally the wait is over and I can sing “Here comes the sun” and other of my favorite Bealtles songs in public without getting weird looks.I’m so calling dibs on being John Lennon.

Quick Beatles fact “Glass Onion” is the only Beatles song where an other Beatles member is mentioned

“The walrus was Paul”

-The Homeboy Andres


2 responses to “Rock Band Beatles…Fuck yea

  1. hahaha
    you cant sing andres. since when are u a beatles fan?

    I miss you loser
    you don’t call me anymore

  2. jugrnautchicago

    Girl please I been a Beatles fan for the longest shows what you know bout me.


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