Say it ain’t so

News leaked a while back about the return of the True Blue Air Jordan III and I was giddy as a school girl. The images that hit the web earlier this week ended all the wait for me.I got word over the weekend that the TB Air Jordan III will be an international release only.There isn’t 100% confirmation about this topic but it has risen specualtion and created an uproar in the sneaker community.Its pretty much the exact same as the previous release thought im pretty sure this coveted sneaker is on alot of peole’s list .

Hopefully Jordan Brand will give the states True Blue love because God knows we all could use another pair. No additional info was passed our way about the specific locations, so keep checking back for updates.If anything I”m going to go to canada to get my pair.

oh canada!!!!

-The Homeoy Andres


3 responses to “Say it ain’t so

  1. Yea JB always finds a way to ruin peoples hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I almost threw my computer out the window when I found this out the other day.

  2. They said the same thing about the AJ1 Premier Pack and the two Spiz’ike colorways last winter, and ended up bringing them over to the US anyway… so I douldn’t worry too much.

  3. Definition of “international release only”?
    always thought that ment world wide.

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