Don’t let Dave Catch Ya..

For those who attended DXC a while ago may have recalled the burning question of the night? “Who gots some fake ass sneakers?”. I can happily say Chicago didn’t have any of that nonsense there at the Wild Hare. Though it did not mean it was safe for Sneaker Pimps ATL as sneaker feds  Dave Jeff from PHLI and Dj Clark Kent who put that ass on blast like this fellow here  who showed no remorse.

Now there is a difference in not being knowledgeable in fakes and then defending your fake ass Nike’s, Jordans or any other shoe. If your going to rock fakes don’t wear them where people would gladly call you out on it.That is just not using common sense,c’mon now get with the program and say no to fakes.

-The Homeboy Andres

One response to “Don’t let Dave Catch Ya..

  1. Some dude wore some fake jays last year at the DXC. Come on now you are going to a sneaker event with fake shoes?!!? Be REAL

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