Mom Knows Best

Mom always said make sure you have clean underwear. If you grew up in a Latin household “chonies” or “calzones” were the term used more often. Now we are all human beings and accidents happen either your a kid who still pees the bed or just a grown ass man who drank a lot who missed the seat and it didn’t hit the floor. Anyways never fear the folks at nowashunderwear got you covered. The idea of a med student who noticed how people became quite bashful as their undies were just a little off color during extended stays in the hospital.You don’t even have to wash these, but for the love of god we highly suggest you do because the stain may not be there but your stinkyness will.

I think its a pretty funny idea even though the back is brown and the front is yellow.So I guess it saves the embarrassment if you have piss stains and get de-pants  Its a great gift if you wanna pull a joke on your buddy or brother as long as you wash them.

non wash underwear is only 10 bucks

available at nowashunderwear

– The Homeboy Andres


2 responses to “Mom Knows Best

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  2. 1 to rock
    1 to stock

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