For Sale

So up for sale I have a set of turntables…..

-The Homeboy Andres

Anyone looking for turntables direct drive (so you can scratch )
I’m only asking 250( installment of payments can be discussed )
Its a set of Numark’s and a 2 channel mixer with needles
great for serato kids!
And to start up on

I’m just letting them go because I don’t use them anymore and I’d rather see them be put to a better use.

If interested  I can be contacted at

ISS- kaskiroka


or by leaving your information below

No I ‘m not taking trades unless you have a pair of cement 4¬† sz9 in a dead stock condition.Or a pair of yeezy’s

I don’t want to hear your flake excuses like ( some are actual excuses from ISS)

oh man I though it played cd’s

“Just found out I’m dying, so I won’t need your shoes anymore. Late.”

“this chick I slept with last night took my money”

“my little brother needs money for an operation”

“you mean it wasn’t this much”

“I was walking down the street and a group of skinny jean thugs jumped me “

I’m on vacation

I have family problems.

my mom didn’t let me leave the house today

I fell down a rabbit hole

I need to chip in for my dad’s bail money

“I was there but you didnt show up

“I dont have keys to my house, so i cant lock the door when i leave.”

I was gereting paid by my mom , but she forgot , whole time the dude is like 20

I cant meet up with you because am grounded !

and last but not least

they don’t got money and they’ll let me know “for sure”

Anyways here’s the pics its in good condition those are just some slipmats I bought like a year ago.

So judge for yourself and if your really interested I would gladly reply


-The Homeboy Andres


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