That Listening Party Last Night…..

A sense of nostalgia and originality filled the room as hip hop’s newcomer Asher Roth grasped the attention of  music lovers young and old .As our man DJ All Day Soliday kept the crowd rockin’ as Asleep in the Bread Aisle kept heads bobbin’.

As many people are quick to jump the gun and instantly compare Asher Roth to Eminem, I one the one hand  beg to differ. The fact that he’s Caucasian serves no bias what so ever, Asher Roth isn’t Eminem enough said.

He’s not your typical MC he might have not killed anyone or has a new Bentley but his music is what we need actually believe it or not no matter how different its good music that deter from the mainstream and yet so faintly stays beneath it.

I’m tired of the same generic rhymes over and over on the radio. His single ‘I Love College” bring you back to reminisces of those crazy college days or if you didn’t continue an education you at least remember that one party that was unforgettable. Or if your anti-social you might have thought the movie Animal House ( If you haven’t seen Animal House go rent it. )The event went underway at six o’clock in the evening until eight but that didn’t stop other aspiring MC’s  such as wordsmith Dave Coresh  who started a cypher circle outside the shop after hours

Asher Roth debuts album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, will drop on Monday, April 20.

Big ups to  Darryl from Universal Records for making this all possible.

Enjoy the pics.


Dj All Day Soliday


Mic Terror and Solida


packed as alwaysdsc05182


If you see Mr. Rob bates ask him what was up with this pic. I’d like to know as well



Mr. B. Easy being the Jugrnaut force he isdsc05198

Young Mike aka Mike Shields






Cypher circle after the event

-The Homeboy Andres


One response to “That Listening Party Last Night…..

  1. Wanted to see mr. Matt on the ones and twos maybe next time.

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