20th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique re-mastered

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique, the Beastie Boys have digitally re- and reissued the record. The site has been redesigned in honor of this occasion: stream music and videos from the album, upload and view stories from other fans regarding Paul’s Boutique, and even play ping-pong against Mike D! All at http://paulsboutique.beastieboys.com/rd/fb2/.

The reissue comes in five versions offering everything from a digital-only package with 320kbps MP3 downloads to an exclusive limited-edition V.I.P. Type package that includes a CD, 180-gram vinyl, a Paul’s Boutique t-shirt and a never seen before poster that’s 8 ft wide. Digital downloads are available in lossless formats (FLAC and Apple lossless). You’ll also find band commentaries, videos, original album art, and more. Most items are available exclusively at http://paulsboutique.beastieboys.com/rd/fb2. This is for any real hip hop head

-The Homeboy Andres

One response to “20th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique re-mastered

  1. Arthur Jillz

    Paul’s Boutique was that shit boy. Beastie Boys were IT for an 11 yr. old more concerned with skating and Penthouse. (LOL the issue they did an interview in was hilarious. MCA bitches about how groupie chicks only wanted to give head).

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