Sneakerhead heist?

The sneaker culture is getting more and more exposure these days. Though the next episode of the CBS TV show “Numb3rs” is about a sneakerhead heist. Say what? You read it right, Season 5 Episode 14 of Numb3rs shines light on a limited edition sneaker heist. I think its either a cheap plot or the show is just running out of ideas.

The team finds themselves in the world of sneaker collecting after a foreign ambassador’s vault is broken into and a limited edition pair of sneakers is found missing. Now this is sneaker crime at it’s finest, and rapper turned actress “Eve” will make a guest appearance on the show. Watch the Numb3rs “Sneakerhead” episode on CBS this Friday, February 6th at 10pm ET/PT.

One response to “Sneakerhead heist?

  1. they want younger viewers to tune in.
    and I guess its working cause I’m on that shiiiit.

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