Hey CTA Look What We Found!!


So today I sat at my computer and I open my inbox and discovered a picture from a friend who works at our beloved transit system. Since he knows I’m a graff head I could only wait what awaits me an there it was this piece on the blue line. Now sadly this didn’t make the cut because a little bird told me that when a train is defaced like this one it can not run so they get another train lined up for the operator so he or she can run a clean train as this beauty of nostalgia gets erased so if your moring blue line train was late here’s why.
Big ups to Zeb CMW and Thozer From CMW Skol CMW crew

-The Homeboy Andres

3 responses to “Hey CTA Look What We Found!!

  1. that’s dope!

  2. YO Dont forget SKOL (original CMW) was also there….

  3. jugrnautchicago

    done thanks i couldn’t make it out the rails blocked the name

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