Epic Fail At Patriotism

Patriotism  at its finest.

Well since the  crew went to party tonight I decided not to go. So if you don”t see any more of my posts it means Mr. Solida and his  six feet 100 lbs goons in pink air max 90’s aprehended me. On another note now im proud people want to show thier patriotism but theres a level to it and also an image. If Obama’s inauguration took your breath away, these people’s tattooing should leave you speechless…

last time I checked I didn’t vote for David Alan Grier

-The Homeboy Andres

5 responses to “Epic Fail At Patriotism

  1. silly billy.

    good shit!

  2. hehe…those tats are wack….

  3. Last one reminded me of bill Cosby

  4. that motha clucka does look like bill cosby, hehe by no means obama.

  5. the homeboy andres

    maybe a younger bill cosby but david alan grier for sure

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