This is mad crazy. Bill is so dumb.

“It Was Written”



2 responses to “Wow

  1. Arthur Jillz

    Shit makes me lose respect for Dennis Miller too. The whole thing didn’t even deserve 7.5 minutes of convo. Making mountains out of mole hills. Suckas.

  2. Is it me or everyone forgot bush invited ozzy osbourne to the white house in 2002. Im not to familiar with ozzys music but i do know much of his music is related to hell and the devil. Jay Z came from nothing to something. Many children and young adults look up to jayz. He was a average drug dealer on the street that hustled his way to the top. Now he has become a successful black man(very successful). Barack have no reason to distant himself from hip hop or rap thats our music we feel it. Its understanding to us. We love Jay. OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK get over it were celebrating every chance we get i never seen my people this happy. PEOPLE FEAR WHAT THEY DONT UNDERSTAND and they dont understand us

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