Jugrnaut Fam’s Top 8 of ’08


Brand M & W: 10Deep & MOB
Brand Local: Jugrnaut & Sneaker Fiend
Album: TI: Paper Trail
Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Sneaker: Hyper Dunk (Marty McFly)
Accessory: Louis Vuitton ID Wallet
Blog: The Hundreds
Best (College Football Team): Oklahoma

Matt Solida

Brand M & W: 10 Deep shit ontop of the game this year
Brand Local: SNKR Fiend did their thing this year! But were missing you Enstrumental!
Album: I was most excited about Nas, but “808’s” makes me dance!
Movie: Say what you want, but “The Wackness” was dope! And understand that I have not seen the new “Batman” yet, but I’m sure that wins
Sneaker: the KAWS Air Max ’90….but I’m bias because the Max ’90 is my favorite shoe period.
Accessory: Well i hope the giant caribeaner becomes cool in ’09….but for ’08 it was about the Jugrnaut fitteds for me
Blog: The Hundreds
Best (Moment)- To GEORGE BUSH! for participating in the funniest YouTube video posting in ’08 at the last minute!


Brand M & W: Public School
Brand Local: Jugrnaut
Album: there wasnt one.lol
Movie: The Dark Knight
Sneaker: Air Jordan IV (blk/cement/red)
Accessory: Vael Projects Bags
Blog: The Hundreds
Best (Chicago Store): Solemates…Chicago

Arty McFly

Brand M & W: The Hundreds & M.O.B
Brand Local: Sneakerfiend
Movie: (This one is plural) IRON MAN &The DARK KNIGHT
Sneaker: Air Jordan X I& Xll pack
Accessory: Burton cell phone case
Blog: The Hundreds
Best (Chicago Store): Jugrnaut (of course.)

Mr. Rogers

Brand M & W: 10Deep & Diamond
Brand Local: Jugrnaut
Album: N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds
Movie: Kung-Fu Panda
Sneaker: Nike x M.O.B. Dunk
Accessory: Phone Pouches
Blog: RubyHornet.com
Best (Honorable Mention): wooord

B. Easy

Brand M & W: Mighty Healthy/SUPREME & HELLZ BELLZ
Brand Local: Jugrnaut of course i will say this, but Enstrumental beasted first quarter.
Album: N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds
Movie: Iron Man
Sneaker: Adidas Originals Superskate
Accessory: Diamond Supply Co. Accessories are butters, esp. the City cuff Beanie!
Blog: CtotheJL.com
Best Polo Series: Black Watch and Equestrian

Matt Lyman

Brand M & W: The Hundreds
Brand Local: St. Alfred
Album: Chip Tha Ripper – Can’t Stop Me Mixtape
Movie: Pineapple Express
Sneaker: Jordan VI from the Countdown Pack
Accessory: iPhone
Blog: RubyHornet.com
Best Piff: Sour Diesel


One response to “Jugrnaut Fam’s Top 8 of ’08

  1. Arthur Jillz

    The team. Let a brotha get an honorable mention……lol.

    I’ll be back in SOON!!!!! Miss y’all.

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