Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Strap Black/Royal Blue


Ok, it’s funny that I ran across this. Yesterday me and a friend of mines Mike were having a discussion about what Jordans should be retro and this particular shoe was one of the mines ones that we would want to see.So now here we go. Jordan Brand is going way too far with the releasing of all of his dope retro’s, lol. Just this past Saturday they released the Bred 1’s and that was a total hit. Now in the upcoming month of April you can expect these beautiful joints to drop. Yes, they will have the strap on them, but who cares just take it off.

“It Was Written”


6 responses to “Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Strap Black/Royal Blue

  1. fuck that! i still got mine frm 2001

  2. jugrnautchicago

    thats good for you and to those who dont then this is good lol

  3. This is bad for those who don’t because the colors were altered on this pic. These should be the vivid blue joints that are releasing in kids sizes. Fuckin’ bummer.

  4. I thought the vivid blues don’t have the strap at all though

  5. True dat, but I know Sole Collector’s logo is Purple which made me think somebody just altered the hues from an original pic. Let’s hope for the best, though.

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