Jugrnaut Mixtape: Producer Comp


Calling all dope producers, Jugrnaut is holding a beat summission contest for our official mixtape. Winner’s will have their beat’s included on and rocked by one of the several hot local artist on the mixtape. Winner’s will be announced at the Dec 11th Jugrnaut Party, and allowed into party for free. They will also win a Jug Logo shirt, have credits listed on mix tape, and other prizes. Pictures of winner’s will also be posted on Jugrnaut Blog. Details of Mixtape and Artists will be revealed at a later time. So all you producers that want to get heard and get your music out there, what better way than to potentially be on the Jugrnaut mixtape. Get your mpc’s, 808’s and snares ready.


1. All production must be originall!! Meaning do not submit instrumentals downloaded from the internet. Samples are allowed. There are no specific beat types, all are welcomed

2. Maximum, one entry per producer. Three beats maximum on CD. Cd must include (legible): Producers name, phone number, and email address (or best way to get a hold off).

3. Beat submisions must be droped off to Jugrnaut @ 427 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60101, or given to Vaughn aka Ashydakid by hand by Dec. 1st 2008 7:00 P.M.. Good Luck and may the best man or woman win.


2 responses to “Jugrnaut Mixtape: Producer Comp

  1. I think I’m sending in 3 beats. Any opportunities to spit? I haven’t recorded on the ones I’m sending in yet, but I might want to.

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