Change Has Come


Man where do I start off with this one? From hundreds of years of oppression we have finally made drastic steps towards a real change for a progressive movement. On November 4th 2008 Barack Obama was elected to the highest office in the United States. Our 44th president and our first African American president, this has brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness but tears of happiness, but to think of the many African Americans who shed blood just for us as people to be viewed as human beings makes me want to cry. Many probably will not understand the feelings and emotions that have ran through my mind and body at this moment. From Africa to the shores of Eastern American colonies. From those eastern colonies to the southern tip of this country even to the scorching hot Caribbean islands, we’ve come so far. From physical slavery to mental slavery we have come a long way. I never thunk a thing of this nature would take place in my life, apart of history we have all become just as spectators. Now it’s tme for a change who will step up to the plate besides our new president?

“It Was Written”


4 responses to “Change Has Come

  1. Vaughn/Matt 2016 look out son

  2. damn, man last nite watching that . . . i didn’t cry, but my body and soul were definitely feeling the positivity and emotion of this historical time!!! I was glad to witness and be a part of history in a GOOD Way. . .

    Chicag”O”bama . . . .that might be a dope Jug tee. . .lol

  3. jugrnautchicago

    yep lol and Vaughn/Matt 2016 beware

  4. i figure we should at least let Barry get his 2 terms in before its our turn

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