Vaughn aka Ashydakid. Welcome lil dude.

Alot of you that check the blog i’m sure have noticed the name Ashy, for your veiwing pleasure we present to you Ashydakid Jugrnaut’s official blog intern….thanks for helping us out homie.

8 responses to “Vaughn aka Ashydakid. Welcome lil dude.

  1. jugrnautchicago

    thanks sir

  2. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn…get me at me

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^get me at me?!?!?lolololol

    Lick ‘Em Low Bandit LMAO

  4. jugrnautchicago

    get me at me, wat does that even mean?

  5. Matt Lyyyyyyymaaaaaaaan

    vaughn they did you dirty… puttin the man’s business out there like that although it seems as if its building you a fan base.

  6. jugrnautchicago

    ha,I guess I’ll take that

  7. Matt Lyyyyyyymaaaaaaaan

    although… we know she’s your number 1 fan before they told your business

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