Welcome to Matt the Intern.

Alot of you have come to the store and prolly seen a lil white dude hanging out doing thangs and what nots.  Well this lil dude is Matt Solida, Jugrnauts newest Intern.  Keep an eye on this lil guy my people hes doing big things and i’m not just saying that cuase he’s our intern, but you’ll see what hes got cooking up soon.  Congrats lil dude and welcome to the FAM!!



7 responses to “Welcome to Matt the Intern.

  1. Haha at Pussy Puncher

  2. pronounced (SAHL-e-DAY) . . . not (SOL-y-DAH) like i used to say, i wanted to add my own italina / latino pronunciation and shit hahaha. . .

    any ways. .

    we got vaughn and matt. . . cot dayum!!! two good kids up on their fashion and culture, two kids that ad to the team word up!!!

  3. i hear pussy punching is the second biggest arrestable offense here in IL…stop the pussy punching before its too late….hehe

  4. This kids ok with me i guess….but that pussy punching?lol

  5. pussy punching’s a good workout.. maybe some of these fat boys need to take note

  6. jugrnautchicago


  7. Pussy punching is not a crime. Having a dusty dick is!!!!!

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