SD con’td. . . .

damn ya’ll. . .haha it’s been like two-three days. . .lol, anyways here ya go, for some of ya’ll thirsty for flicks. . . first off lemmesay i met/bumped into a whole lotta people. on the way they’re i bumped into Rhymefest at the airport. While i was in SD i seen Willy Santos (pro skater), Danny Supa, Chad Muska,
Nick Diamond, Dante Ross and others more, it was pretty cool. . .anyways here’s s’more flicks of what i saw at agenda day 3.

josh from a brand ya’ll might know 10DEEP

DJ Wrex from Acrylick, this is brand is doin’ some rally big shit ya’ll watch out for dem!

My cousin, Ernie (currently our webmaster), and his ladyfriend, Sherry, with a JABBAWOCKEE,

Dennis Yuuuuuuu!!! haha our Mishka, Mama, Shadow Rep . . .good guy right there. . .

ALIFE and HELLZ goodness . . .big up to the FNDTN!!!

hmmm. . . The Hundreds x Disney ?!?!?!?!

The homie Ralph Ortiz (Kilo Goods / Rocksmith) and BJ from Crooks. . . .

Food and Spots comings soon. . .

B. Easy


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