Has Anybody Seen This?!

What do you guys think?

“It Was Written”



3 responses to “Has Anybody Seen This?!

  1. wow he was crying….kinda weird.

  2. hmmmmm not really into the Games music but I agree with him 100% hip hop is dying. Ultimately if people continue to buy into wack lyrics and redundant verses hip hop will stay that way and forever lost in a web of lies.

  3. IF this is all true and everybody left Game hangin’, then word. Fuck ’em. He should’ve asked Ice-T. I’m sure he would’ve done it, especially after that Soulja Boy video.

    Hip-Hop did used to be cooler. At least we still got cd’s and videos. And for those of us, tape-decks. (but I think mine has too much dust to actually use…lol).

    He should’ve ended this by saying “Just Say No to Drugs.”

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