Nike Fall 2008 “Quilted Patent” Pack

As we all know since the Olympic games have been up and coming Nike has been throwing a lot at us, from different sneaker ideas and accessories. Well said to be released the day of the Opening games of the Beijing Olympics we have the “Quilted Patent” pack. These will be available at your top street-wear retailers.

“It Was Written”



4 responses to “Nike Fall 2008 “Quilted Patent” Pack

  1. Idk those red ones seem a little to much imo.

  2. OOOOHHHHH SHIT. are you guys gettin ’em?

    and is nike going to be nice enough and offer a 13 for me or no? they’re assholes if they don’t….lol.

  3. jugrnautchicago

    some might come through on consignment but thats all i know

  4. Leaders and STA both have em. And yes they make 13, but try 15 like me. I would kill to have a 13.

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