Whuddup, doe?!

Summertime is half done, but we got some treats. We want to introduce to ya’ll the streetwear beast of a brand 10 Deep, now officially at Jugrnaut! So come thru and get you some. Also with 10 Deep, we have new Acrylick, Mishka, King Stampede, and local brands Sneaker Fiend, Cicada, Savior Soul, Walking Canvas, and Eschmitte!!! (whuddup, Mike!). . .so def stop on by and get your fizix!

i wanna leave you with some summertime goodness, so if yer at the gig or bored at the job, let me put ya’ll up on some “that’s my shit” shit, enjoy. . .

Actual Facts – Lord Finesse ft. Sadat X, Large Pro, & Grand Puba.
remember when they made videos for songs like this, peep the Helly Hansen. . . .this is my shit!!!

De La Soul – Itsoweezee
One of my faves from the crew, and it don’e even have Pos on it, . . .

the B.U.M.S. – Free My Mind (Elevation). . . indeed. . .
. . .

B. Easy 93


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