Welcome to the FAM!!!

We’ll alotta ya’ll that have been reading the blog are prolly wondering who ashydakid is. He is the first official Jugrnaut intern, and is manning the blog. Errrone say hello and get familiar with Ashydakid or some of ya’ll may know him as Vaughn. Welcome to the FAM!!!

pictured here on the right.

a BIG “you get props over here” to NAJEE over at solemates. . .chicago

B. Easy 93


One response to “Welcome to the FAM!!!

  1. Pissy Mattress

    “Rooms skatin through, the coupe on 22’s, you hear the bass in the back, WHATS DAT!?”

    BIG UPS to my bfam aShYdAkId…always G O O D gear goin…’07 and forever

    ~end communication~

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