Ashydakid’s Daily Dose…Triumph

One of the greatest rap groups of all times. Even though i was kinda young when this song dropped it didn’t even matter i had a older brother who would drill Wu-tangs music into my ears and now i thank him for that. Produced by another one of the illest and unique producers of all-times THE Rza-rector aka Rza bka Bobby Digital. He is known by so many names. I wanna know who you guys think had the best verse on this track leaves some comments because i think it was Inspector Deck with the opening verse, so what do you guys think?

“It Was Written”



2 responses to “Ashydakid’s Daily Dose…Triumph

  1. You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb
    Blowin like Shalamar in eighty-one
    Sound convincin, thousand dollar court by convention
    Hands, like Sonny Liston, get fly permission
    Hold the fuck up, I’ll unfasten your wig, bad luck
    I humiliate, separate the English from the Dutch

    ghostface lines got triple meanings and shit… dudes wild

  2. I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies
    and hypothesis can’t define how I be droppin these
    mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
    Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
    Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
    tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics

    …Ghostface went hard but do u hear what Inspector deck says!!! Just those lines i stated above kill almost everybodys verse…and he still went hard after this..and he also had one of the longer verses so for someone to kill his..they would have had to spit some FIRE and and honsetly no one really did ateleast not better than him…..but they all killed it …they just didnt do it better than Deck…..Good song tho ….def shows what Hip hop use to be……and why it was called Hip Hop

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