Ashydakid’s Daily Dose… Raheem DeVaughn…You

I’ll probably catch a lot of hating for this joint but i figured that we always post hard stuff so I’ll just smoothing it on down with this joint. The beat is ill and it is definitely a song you should be listening to with your girl. Low key i can’t even lie this song is actually dedicated to a special someone. Don’t clown me for this one guys,lol. I could’nt find the video so i had to use this weak slideshow i found on youtube.

“It Was Written”



3 responses to “Ashydakid’s Daily Dose… Raheem DeVaughn…You

  1. I love it….def hott to listen to with that special someone!!!! And I’m sure ur special someone appreciated the dedication!!! Good blog ashydakid!!!

  2. Lol this song has and will always go hard

  3. fuckin excellant…cats be sleeping on this song

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