Ashydakid’s Daily Dose…Jay-z’s Dead Presidents

9 6 and forever Roc a block Roc a fella. Yes i know you remember this legendary joint by the best rapper out right now, and if you disagree well whatever. Jay displayed his lyricism to a complete T on this joint. Produced by Ski, a cat who wasn’t one of the most popular producers out at the time. He still managed to displayed his dope sampling abilities by taking Lonnie Liston Smiths “A Garden of Peace”. There was actually two versions of this song around the time Reasonable Doubt was released in 1996 and this is the video version. Enjoy

“It Was Written”



3 responses to “Ashydakid’s Daily Dose…Jay-z’s Dead Presidents

  1. i say cop streets is watching and just watch all the way through the end, these videos with the commentary is some pretty interesting shit.

  2. I love the video version but I seem to like Dead Presidents II better.

  3. Pissymattress

    Reasonable Doubt<<<theme music of junior year high school…..o and fddduck mike b on the dp2 nod over the orgl….

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